The doors of Fast Print officially opened for business in 1975. Our first location at 3215 E. State was one block east of our current site. We occupied 800 sq. ft. and operated one press, one copier and one platemaker. Typesetting was done using a strike-on Varityper.

We grew from 2 to 5 employees at that location and decided we needed more space as we continued to increase sales volume and added more equipment.

In June, 1986 we moved two blocks west to 2828 E. State and expanded to 2,000 sq. ft. The growth of our business continued as we increased our customer base, services offered, equipment and personnel. In May, 1992 we again needed to relocate for more space and found our way into our current 5,500 sq ft. location at 3050 E. State.

As with any business that has experienced growth over the past 40 years, computer and equipment technology has had the greatest impact on the way we produce and sell our products. Through these changes in technology, equipment, and growth, our commitment to providing quality products, offering personalized service and our desire to continue building on relationships with our current and new customers will always be the foundation for success at Fast Print.